Turning in the Sun

Here I would like to show you some pictures of Rethymno, where I live. It is a town on the north coast of Crete with a fascinating mix of Turkish and Venetian architecture in the old town. The town is dominated by the 'Fortezza', a large fort which is on the headland.

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  • The old port of Rethymno

  • The narrow streets of Rethymno Old Town

  • A parade for a National Celebration

  • A sculpture of the two Dolpins - the symbol of Rethymno

  • The Venetian Rimondi Fountain

  • View of Rethymno town from the harbour wall

  • The Venetian Lighthouse in the Old Port

  • The Turkish mosque within the Fortezza of Rethymno

  • The Venetian Lighthouse at night

Photos of Rethymno and my work throughout the year.