I have had many articles published over the last 25 years and have not provided them all here, however shown below is my latest article in the American Woodturner, from December 2022

American Woodturner, from December 2022
Article in Woodturning magazine July 2014 issue 268

Article in Woodturning magazine September 2011


This article appeared in the December 2009 edition of Woodturning magazine -


This article was published in the Winter edition of American Woodturner -
Zig zag box’ design

December 2003 Woodturning magazine
‘Stingray’ design

June 2002 Woodturning magazine
Wave lips Bowl

'The Woodturner Magazine', August/September 2001
This article gives details of how to carve my 'wave lips' design round the edge of a eucalyptus bowl. You can contact the publisher, Nexus, via their website The previous issue of The Woodturner (June/July 2001) had a general Profile article on my career and work, written by the woodturner Gary Rance.

Cobra Vase Design

'Woodturning' Magazine, August 2001.

This article shows you how to carve the cobra shaped base to a small vase in olive. You can contact the magazine for copies at

Genie Vase Design

'Woodturning' Magazine, Feb 2000
This article shows you how to carve a genie base(a slightly twisted foot) to a medium sized vase from olive. For copies contact the email address above, or you can find this article reproduced in full in the Arbortech website Woodturning magazine also produced another article on my wave lips design around the top edge of a vase in December 1998.