Tool Design
Here you can see Nikos' tool designs.


The cutter on this tool (the Big Brother Deep Hollowing Tool) has been designed by Nikos, for use in hollowing out vases and bowls. Details about the tool can be found in an article by John Hunnex in Issue No 92 of "Woodturning" magazine, October 2000, or look at this website:

This picture shows the set of six Siragas Scrapers Nikos designed and which are also available from Hamlet Tools or from the Toolpost (link above). They can be mounted in place of the hollowing cutter on the Big Brother handle above, or used on a short handle upon which the scraper tips can be mounted. (See illustration, right, with inset of scraper range.)

Further advice on the sharpening, adjustment and general maintenance of this tool may be found on the Toopost website.

Nikos' cutter design in close-up.